By Sam Selig*

As you follow along with me on my journey, I hope I can encourage you to ignite your sparkle

So I decided to FINALLY write a book!

A compilation of life's peaks and valleys set to the perfect soundtrack from a project manager, who hopes to inspire and encourage you to navigate all the obstacles that get thrown your way.

She Is Sparkling.png
She Is Sparkling.png

It's not about focusing on success,

it's about ... starting

Life is full of many chapters...

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Meet Sam 

The author of She Is Sparkling 

I’m Samantha (or *Sam) ~ a native Bostonian with a sarcastic streak and a sparkly demeanor.

I have been sparkling for years, literally and figuratively.

I'm pretty no bullshit, I hate typos & I love making lists. 

There is a constant, ever-evolving soundtrack to my life.

I hope this blog inspires you to be a better you. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!


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